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  • OSP and CO Combi Cords the test ends you need for accurate testing! Learn More!
  • Westek's new Mobile Fiber Workstation provides the essentials for the tech up a ladder in a Bucket, in a manhole, on a splicing table or dropdown on the side of the truck. No more tie wraps and discarding plastics.
  • Westek Fiber Clamp System and Workstations Fiber Workstations
  • "Westek safety lights provide technicians well-lit areas, on the side of the road, in an attic or manhole. Westek Lights are portable and lightweight with a magnetic base, providing ultra stong holding power."
    ―Team Westek
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Westek: Over 30 Years of Service

Over 30 Years of Service

Westek: Full Service Custom Cable Design & Manufacturing

Full Service Custom Cable
Design & Manufacturing

Westek: Trusted by Major Brands

Trusted by Major Brands

Westek Electronics

Westek is a leading custom cable manufacturer offering an extensive array of connectivity products and testing equipment with advanced and patented prototyping techniques for your custom cable solutions. From Telecommunications to aerospace, military, and medical industries, we’ve been designing and providing custom cable configurations for over 30 years.

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Telecom Products

Westek Telecom Products

Westek stocks a large inventory of Telecom Products.

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Original Equipment Manufacturing

Westek Telecom Products

Westek manufactures cables and connectors
to your proprietary specifications.

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