• OSP and CO Combi Cords the test ends you need for accurate testing! Learn More!
  • "We enjoy the convenience of our Westek work lights. Being able to charge the battery almost anywhere and the magnetic base allows us to use it in multiple applications from crime scene lighting to applying oblique lighting to large areas." -Sgt. Wayne Bellville, Scott's Valley Police Dept.
  • "We have used these lights during overhaul operations and fire emergencies. The ease of light placement without the need of power cords is invaluable."
    ―Matt McCollum, City if Watsonville Fire Captain
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Westek: Over 30 Years of Service

Over 30 Years of Service

Westek: Full Service Custom Cable Design & Manufacturing

Full Service Custom Cable
Design & Manufacturing

Westek: Trusted by Major Brands

Trusted by Major Brands

About Us

We Manufacture Our Products to the Highest Quality Standard

Westek’ s mission is to manufacture products that will save time in a high speed telecommunications world. Technicians cannot afford to waste precious time when performing tests that demand exact results.

    Westek manufactures under the highest quality programs and has been Certified ISO 9001:2015 TL 9000:2016 for over a decade. Westek' s scope has expanded to: Development and manufacturing of test cables and ancillary operations and maintenance equipment for the telecommunications, medical device and instrumentation, aviation, military and other industries.

    Westek’ s products feature ease of use and accurate results. Our products are heavy duty, light weight construction, and built with state of the art materials. We design and manufacture our products in a way to eliminate the inherent problems that cause inaccurate readings or failure which often plague other cord manufacturers. Here at Westek, we electronically and mechanically check all our quality products at the point of manufacturing completion.

    Westek’ s main focus is supplying and manufacturing quality products at competitive prices. We strive to build quality relationships with our customers by providing excellent customer service, supported by product knowledge.

    Westek has worked for you for the past 30 years and our strength and reliability will continue.

    Larger State of the Art Facility to Better Serve You

    Customer Service First

    At Westek, our focus is our customer’s success, which is why we are committed to continuously building upon a foundation devoted to outstanding customer service. We are dedicated to providing you with the support necessary to succeed in the ever-changing, competitive global marketplace. Simply stated, if there is a way we can make your job easier, we will find it.

    We do this by responding individually to your inquiries on a timely basis. We also utilize state of the art, integrated ordering and tracking systems which deliver the most up-to-date information available on inventory, order status and product availability, In addition, our customer service specialists provide the technical information necessary to help you choose the products for your specific needs.

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