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Westek Electronics specializes in custom <br>molded enclosures, Y-mold junctions, and <br>connector strain reliefs to provide superior <br>performance and longevity in the harshest <br>environments.
Westek Electronics specializes in custom
molded enclosures, Y-mold junctions, and
connector strain reliefs to provide superior
performance and longevity in the harshest

Injection Molding

Westek’s mission is to manufacture products that will save time in a high speed telecommunications world. Technicians cannot afford to waste precious time when performing tests that demand exact results. Westek’s products feature ease of use and accurate results. Our products are heavy duty, light weight construction, and built with state of the art materials. We design and manufacture our products in a way to eliminate the inherent problems that cause inaccurate readings or failure which often plague other cord manufacturers. Here at Westek, we electronically and mechanically check all our quality products at the point of manufacturing completion.

We also manufacture under quality programs such as TQM and ISO 9001:2008. Westek’s main focus is supplying and manufacturing quality products at competitive prices. We strive to build quality relationships with our customers by providing excellent customer service, supported by product knowledge. Westek has worked for you for the past 30 years and our strength and reliability will continue.